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posted 2019-01-22 19:36:44

Our new house has carpeted stairs and today, for the second time since Christmas, I fell down them. Last week I stumbled really hard going up them so all in all thatís three times Iíve nearly hurt myself terribly in less than a month.

There is nothing quite as terrifying as sliding out of control down stairs. You canít stop yourself and every stair you hit makes a scary thump and the impact is just jarring pain. Once you stop you stay in place, thinking WTF and gingerly get up. I walked away again today but canít help but think the stairs are out to get me. Iím a goob. I hurt.

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New Year New M.E.: No Tears for the sheep
posted 2019-01-22 14:21:38

In a hypothetical scenario A quarter of my project management class expressed concern with their professional reputation over human lives if a company is covering up endangering lives on a project they were working on. Basically they wouldnít rat out the company to save lives.

I was the only to say iíd snitch if no matter what to save lives. Everybody else was silent until the teacher did there are laws to protect whistleblowers identity.

I dropped the class.

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posted 2019-01-22 06:27:13

I wish I knew how I was able to get more sleep last week than I did every other week the past few years. Here I thought I was finally starting to get over my sleep deprivation issues, but it turns out that last week was nothing more than a giant fluke.

It's Tuesday morning and I still have 40 hours left to work this week. This will probably be the last week that overtime will be offered, though, so I might as well take advantage of it.

As soon as there's a snowstorm-free weekend, I'm going on a desperately-needed road trip to clear my head. I'm starting to feel stuck here, like I do every winter, and it's really taking a toll on my emotional health.

The beginning of spring feels so far away that it might as well be measured in light years! Although my current job is relatively tolerable, part of me wishes I were lounging somewhere below the 30th parallel.

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posted 2019-01-19 22:51:01

This isn't too bad of a life. It's gotten better since the last time I was here.

I would prefer if the old me on HL didn't exist, but, mehh, I was a kid with some deep rooted issues.

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posted 2019-01-19 21:51:54

I got the promotion....and a huuuuuuge raise..that aside im excited but I still have many many reservations.

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posted 2019-01-19 21:14:34

So, I don't hate life per se, but I'm finding it rather difficult as of late.

I have this job that I've held for about 2 1/2 years. It's in an industry that is flooded with small and large companies alike. It's essentially support for sales.

I also have a CrAzY boss. This is a person that should LEGIT not manage people, but that's almost all they've ever done. They focus on all the wrong things. Think they can somehow control social media. Very out of touch with how the world really is sometimes. Makes a lot of promises, breaks a lot of promises. Has no work/life balance. No filter. It's hard to respect someone and the decisions they make when they tell you inappropriate things about themselves or seems to always be showing off.

Also, I work with sales people which can be god awful.

...But I stay, because I am in my own little department where people typically don't bother me. I also make waaaay more money than I ever would anywhere else.

It just feels like I have no time away from work. I get late calls into the evening. I get texts over the weekend. Sometimes work related, sometimes not. My last 3 times I was off with PTO I still managed to get contacted regarding work issues. Things that could have waited or could have been resolved in other manners.

Which is why I probably had this dream:

I dreamt that while I was on vacation someone caught an error I made and that because of it I was fired.

The person that caught the error is a real life person that loves proving people wrong. That always wants to be considered the best at everything.

The error was not an error I could make as it was not something I can do.

But, ya know dreams....they do what the want.

The person I referenced above is just a miserable person. I thought it was because of a bad situation, but they seem to always find the bad in everything. I want to help them to realize that the world isn't the problem, but their outlook on it. Evertime I attempt to do something like that it induces unnecessary moodiness or a fight I'd rather not get in to. So, I keep to myself quietly counting the days until I'm gone.

When will that be? ...probably years.

SO here I am again. It's cheaper than counseling. Hopefully this will do the trick. Looking forward to new and old alike.

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posted 2019-01-19 15:06:10

I didnít fall in love with
a body, I fell in love with
a soul. And once in love with
that soul, everything about that
body became beautiful

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posted 2019-01-18 21:25:09

I do things in the heat of the moment, because Iím bored or amused or whatever it is.

Then, later, I realize Iím a fucking idiot. Never fails.

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posted 2019-01-17 20:40:55

It's 2019 and I still listen to nightcore.

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Epigenetic: Pod issues
posted 2019-01-17 01:14:42

first poly / pod issue in months of doing this. mostly because A. is having serious problems with her knee, and is a few bits of FMLA paperwork away from loosing her job at Food Lion after she gets surgery, her neice, and mother of four year and four-month-old boys, just died of complications of HELLP, and she's going to her daughter's wedding, where her evil ex will be. so a lot of shit going on.

she has an emotional breakdown while me and J are together, and we dont tell her we are together.

hadn't thought it would be a problem, but it is.

eh well. i'm still taking her to the airport tomorrow and taking care of her post-surgery.

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