Vacations, Part 2
posted 2021-07-19 11:04:24

Maine didn't work out, but that's because I was an idiot. The woman took forever to confirm my reservation, so I booked a place in Vermont instead. So I still get my five days, just somewhere else. The Maine lady got back to me and said she was sorry I cancelled, and that I was welcome to come back some other time.

Lady, it took me 34 years to book a solo vacation. I'm never coming to stay on your farm.

K is going to India because his father broke a bunch of bones, but also because he really misses his father. The pandemic has pushed us both, made us immeasurably anxious people. His family is a constant presence in our lives thanks to constant FaceTiming. My family is also a constant presence because they come to stay with us all the time. This exhausts me.

I'm so relieved I won't be going to India. I'm having a lot of nightmares about traveling on my own, though. I'm bringing my bike, and last night I had a dream that on my way to Vermont my bike fell of the rack as I was driving and a 18-wheeler behind me crushed it to smithereens.

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