I used to care but things have changed
posted 2020-02-13 19:18:26

This is an interesting, albeit aggravating, situation...

Backstory-the house I live in is old. Very old and worn down. It is falling in around me and we have been getting solid, uninterrupted rain for days upon weeks. SO the electricity is getting squirrelly. Scary and sketchily so. I feel a knot in my stomach most days-what disaster will it be today? Are the toilets flushing? Is half the house not getting any power whatsoever? Do we have hot water today? Has it finally burned down while I was at work?

Thus I have landed here, in this laundromat, drying my clothes in a room full of strangers. I say a room full, but it is some old man, some old lady, and some younger-ish kid that seems to know the old man. I have not done laundry here in quite some years, it is weird to be back but I am, as always, relieved that there isnt a crowd. And no children, thank Christ.

Can I be honest here? Of course I can, it's the *only* place, I think. Although I may have to yell at a bitch if she touches my clothes... Anyway, these dumb Appalachian people that require a fucking translator... This wheezing bitch trying to count six quarters, gasping for breath and speaking slow because all the oxi is depressing her respiratory functions. It's gross. So gross. I dont even know why I am posting any of this.

No. That's a lie. It is a weird form of internal monologue, meant more for avoiding eye contact and conversation with these....people. Thank goodness phones have made us so antisocial and offputting.

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