Project: Spam Chronicles
posted 2021-07-14 17:44:28

Samay wrote porn poems. i need to type them out. i got wet reading them. made me think of spencer. I toldher i need them typed out. for "science'.
had a bad day today. our department is disfunctionally staffed. too many orders to pull, not enough people to process them. AND my netweork is so fucked up i couldnt stay logging into the system. ugh
i cried a little.
at least its shark week. i got out of overtimetodayand tomorrow. yay! illget friday off. our washer and dryer is suposed to be here saturday. after not being here lLAST thursday. i hope it is. still waitingon our couch too. ugh
wish i could fuck spencer on the couch when i get it.

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