posted 2018-02-12 00:27:31

My brain keeps trying to convince me that Iím going to get proposed to on Valentines Day which is insane because there isnít a single thread leading in that direction except that a few weeks ago we were playing some trivia thing and he knew what shape a princess cut diamond was and when I asked him why the hell he knew that right away he looked at me blankly and was just like, ďI donít know, because itís like a shape that I know.Ē and it stuck out as really weird because he doesnít even understand the concept of jewelry as daily wear let alone the cut of gemstones.

So anyways it randomly hit me that what if thats because he looked at rings and even though it literally would be so far out of his comfort zone that itís hilarious I canít get the thought out of my head now. Itís like it formed a life of its own and now I get all daydreamy about it like some desperate girlfriend which for the record is not what I am because marriage is not and has never been part of my life plan and itís just irritating.

I canít wait for Valentines to pass now so I can get it out of my brain unless I find myself severely dissapointed and then it will actually be what I want and not just a passing fancy. And I guess maybe Iíve been thinking about it more than just now because I recall being suspicious of this at Christmas too.


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