posted 2018-04-05 21:56:38

Finding myself fantasizing about this super right-wing blue collar older dude at work. Hes super sarcastic and rough around the edges and yet seems rather enamored by my cheerful, slightly left leaning demeanor. I only see him rarely, if at all, because we work nowhere near each other but if we are in the same building we tend to gravitate toward each other. Today I intentionally visited his complex for a confidence boost and he perked right up and was all charming smiles as soon as he saw me. Kinda nice! There is probably a solid fifteen year age gap between us and Im pretty sure hes a (young) grandfather, but omfg I have had some hot daydreams about him. If I was single Id take that shot for sure, but doesnt seem worth it at this point in my life. The fantasizes are top notch though!

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