posted 2017-11-30 10:07:04

I’m taking Chem 100 and my professor is terrible, but I feel sympathy for her. The students in turn are terrible and their lack of motivation and expectation of a good grade “just for showing up” and would suck any love of teaching out of the best teachers. Literally I heard a woman- who is my age and has a child- say “we pay a lot of money to go here and we deserve to get what we paid for”.

Um- what ?

This is a community college and you’re 34 and it’s achool, not a hotel or store.

This lady texts me all the time complaining about the professor and asking me how I’m managing to do so well, and I straight up tell her I study a lot and she’s like “yeah but I’m busy”.

I have three kids, one of them still attacking my breasts every few hours draining me of nutrition and minerals, I work late hours at the Bucks plus I trained for a half marathon all while managing to get an A average. It’s Chem 100. It takes work and concentration but it’s a class million’s of people have passed. Just admit you are a shitty student and don’t want to put the work in.

She’s like- “it’s chemistry why do we need it for nursing school” like nursing is a cake walk. Ugh. I just can’t with some people.

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