posted 2020-03-22 22:20:09

My life is not that different under quarantine.

I apparently live a life of dullness and mediocrity.

We donít eat out more than once a week. I donít waste money on corny children ďeventsĒ or crap. I donít go to bars or socialize much anymore anyway. We have set routines that of course have been interrupted, but I spend most my time in the house anyway.

My children love this life stuck at home. They are thriving in it. When I watch them running around the backyard, playing with each other, I know have multiple kids close in age was good. They have each other.

I started prepping in the beginning of February. Nothing crazy, just started stocking up just in case. The day before the Oval Office speech I had done a huge Costco run, $600 on meat and eggs and shelf stable staples; ; the next day it was chaos in our state.

I just went to a local grocery store to see what they had, and the produce was freshly stocked, but all the other sections were picked dry. Seemed almost like a different world or country or something. I imagine the stores are used to replenishing produce every few days, but canned vegetables not so much. I got what I needed (milk) and Iím really happy I went in the late afternoon because social distancing is easy on an empty store.

Like everyone else I am really nervous about the future. Any sort of help or ease from the government, from what Iíve read, we donít qualify for... yet our entire livelihood depends on an industry that is about to bust. I donít think the airlines deserve a free handout at all, but I worry about the pilots and flight attendants and other lower level employees and of course my own family. My husbands airline is pretty lean, when it comes to waste, they are savvy and successful (if not the most hated airline in America). I spiral quite easily when I think too much about what ifs.

I am expecting a letter from the college for nursing school in the next few weeks. I was 4 people away from getting accepted this semester (itís a straight wait list), but I have a feeling with all of this Covid stuff I might be pushed back another semester, although who knows. I am okay without entering clinicals during a pandemic.

My sanity is my materialistic Peloton. I have that and the 45-60 minutes a day on it make me feel better. I have a bunch or bird feeders in my backyard and I spend a ton of time watching them. I promise myself every morning to stop watching numbers tick up, stop refreshing the news, stop obsessing, and every morning I fail.

Best of luck to you all HL. I really mean it.

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