posted 2018-09-14 06:41:49

This week has dragged on forever considering I spent Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday recovering from last week's trip. If the past few days are a preview of how the upcoming winter is going to be, I could be in real trouble a few months from now. At least I'll have some interesting adventures to look back on when temperatures are below zero and the ground is blanketed with snow.

Things are not looking good at all on the job front. I think my new employer is already trying to get rid of me. First, they gave me a substantial paycut and now they've reduced my hours down to practically nothing. I've decided to give it another month to see if things improve. If not, I'll start exploring other jobs, careers, and locations at that time. The only reason I'm waiting so long is because I have a lot going on between now and mid-October, so this "flex-schedule" arrangement suits me well for the time being. My calendar is pretty much dead after that, so I'll be more willing to assume a full-time slate then.

"I used to think that I could change the world
Now I'm afraid I can't even change myself"
- Kingdom of Giants (from "Runaway")

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