I didn't know the mind...
posted 2018-03-12 15:45:23

...but I know the thinker.

I'm still here. I'm alive, in love, and happy.

He is it. It's undeniable.

I've learned so much about myself, all thanks to DL. He knows what I have always needed, and He knows exactly how to handle me.

As with anything, there are challenges. Though, we're both determined we're going to make it work. I trust Him and He has put His faith in me.

I am opening up and becoming more the woman I need to be. For Him.

The Sailor messaged me, through LinkedIn of all things, saying that he misses me and that I was one of the greatest people he's ever had in his life. I didn't respond. And I won't. I told DL, and He wants to talk about it tonight.

We talk about literally everything. It's beautiful.

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