Never think of never...
posted 2017-08-04 23:00:56

...let this spell last forever.

Such a lovely day and a lovely way to start the long weekend. Chores are done, errands are complete, I bought myself a sweet little bouquet from the fancy florist 'round the corner, and I've already talked to DL.

He's going to call me later this evening so we can have a nice, long chat. He's so sweet, and makes me so ridiculously blissful. His wit is beyond anyone else I know, His creativity unparalleled, yet He is realistic and mindful. I haven't an ill word to say of Him.

Nothing He has done or said has given me a bad impression thus far. He is thoughtful and takes such good care of me.

I finally feel as though I have found the only man in the world for me. There is no comparison.

And He truly understands me. He knows why I am how I am, and He not only accepts it, but encourages it.

I never knew I could come from gratitude.

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