posted 2022-01-02 01:05:35

pro tip: get deliciously fuckin baked and imagine all the leptons and waves and each recursion and cause, the full spectra of quantum jostlings around you, each and every one of these things as individual sentient beings and all looking around at each other, as dear friends long separated, finally joining together, heartily congratulating one another on the joining, shouting each to the other: i have been waiting from the moment beginnings began until this very phase and state to meet you all thusly, in this exact most perfect mutual configuration! and realise that this is happening every femtoclick at all size between micro and macro for every actual entire mystical eternity, so jesus fucking christ, todd, you for damn sure got to remember to take those pizza pockets out of the toaster oven so you dont burn this whole reality down to its stardust

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