posted 2021-11-21 14:10:44

biden's ruinous spending bill will put the final nail in america's coffin if it passes in the senate. the very future of this nation is at stake.

we don't need generous handouts to breeders and illegal aliens. that is the last thing we need at a time when inflation is crippling the average worker and consumer. you think you've been paying a lot at the store lately? you ain't seen nothing yet if this monstrosity of a bill passes!

biden wants to eliminate the middle class and working class. he especially has it out for single taxpayers and dinks who never asked to subsidize other people's reckless and shameless breeding. take your child tax credits, your free pre-k and childcare, and your paid family leave and shove it right where your damn bastards popped out of!

how can libtards claim to care about the environment while incentivizing the single greatest stressor on the environment? fucking hypocrites, all of them!

and how can moderates be so surprised about biden caving in to the far left? the loser was obama's vp for christ's sake. what did they expect of him? did they really expect him to be a moderate and sensible democrat like joe manchin?

biden could have done jack fucking shit all year and this country would have been booming from trump's pro-america policies. instead the senile old fuck has managed to reverse all of trump's gains and put this country on the precipice of economic collapse.

let's go brandon! go the fuck back to your secluded bunker where you were hiding out during your pathetic presidential campaign! america doesn't need you. real americans don't want you. donald j. trump is still my fucking president!

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