posted 2017-05-18 03:44:56

in a funny coincidence, a thing i'm in got a message from a guy i had a bit of a flirtation with eleven years ago, without him knowing i'm part of that thing.

i'm not going to respond. the other people in my thing can if they want. it would be weird for me to respond without acknowledging that we knew each other a long time ago, and i don't really want to mix up that with this thing.

you never know what from your past will randomly pop up again.

this guy was fascinating to me but a bad idea all over the place. he was sort of depressed, not good boundaries, but i was into his elaborate flowery darkness.

we know too much about each other, too deep. can't just email him back.

if i were still so young, i'd email him back pretending i didn't know him, a perfectly ordinary email that would make him startle. i'd slip a knife in and see what kind of blood i got out.

i don't need to do that anymore.

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