posted 2018-01-08 03:08:24

fresh start again, after two years since the last delete. 14 years here total. things are a lot better than 2003, probably don't qualify for 'hatelife' anymore, but still here anyway somehow.

supposedly the weekend after new year's is the best time to go on dating sites/apps since there are lots of new people online with new year's resolutions to start dating again. but i didn't try it.

still not sure i want to date anyone for a while. the time commitment seems like...a lot. and i'm still feeling awkward about the idea of dating women while also feeling pretty uninterested in the idea of dating men.

i've hung out with teal a few times since he came back to town. it was fine. we're friends. i was nervous before seeing him but then had actually no feelings about him beyond mild curiosity/amusement.

i really proved to myself that a long length of time knowing a person and spending time with them is not the key to a fulfilling romantic relationship. it's good for friendship though.

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