posted 2021-05-19 21:53:48

I learned more details about my relatives death and it still didn't make it feel real. I am still quite devastated by it. Most of the time I don't mind playing games where you kill and use guns. At the moment playing those games do not appeal to me. Instead I am playing more driving games and they tend to relax me. You can crash or crash others and there's no consequences or death happening.

My doggo is quite expensive at the moment but the treatment he receives seems to be working. Even though he only weighs 9 kilos, there's a lot attitude packed in that body. With all of his medical conditions that they have, I considered them my disabled child. Actually if my dog was a person they would definitely be disabled. Once in a while my dog will wake up screaming in pain. Apparently this is normal with their condition and it will get worse with time.

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