posted 2017-05-16 23:36:26

To clarify:

When I twrote that I've found nothing that makes prostitution se respected in the least, and described as victims as opposed to the heroes I once saw, I was not clear. I many *in the Bible.* Looking at the stories with the original written language, the grammar, etc, certain women that I'd seen as heroes really are depicted more as what we would describe as ctimized.

This obtuse writing was kindly brought to my attention by epigenetic, but in light of sex trafficking laws negatively affecting not just hard working honest prostitutes, but even just normal families with teenagers (hem- police raid on house where two teenagers resided based only on an unreliable tip and the fact that thecteenaged girl was seen *coming home*), it is very important that I make *this* very clear:

Despite legislative agendas, there is a vast difference between trafficking (which can be complete and utter slavery), and free will sex work. To equate the two 1) is to down play the suffering of those who have actually been abused, trafficked (hell, legally, I was a long time ago), and 2) it further criminalizes hard working sex workers who have not a thing to do with exploitation of minors or anyone else. It's insulting as hell from both ends.

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