Maybe Iím just to demanding
posted 2021-07-13 13:34:32

I thought one and I had a good trip but as always when I think things are good she has a list of grievances.

Well I aired out mine as well
I hate the way she dresses. I donít understand dressing like shit because youíre insecure or because buying new clothes hurts the environment.

She says sheís dressing down because she gained weight from the pregnancy...sheís hands down the most physically fit girlFriend Iíve had. Weighs the least, she maybe gained all of 2 pounds during the pregnancy if that. She didnít switch her diet at all and I was worried she wasnít eating enough. Either way sheís Kate Moss thin and going around saying she feels fat. She has a history eating disorder. I assuming she has body dismorphia because her perception of reality is fucked.

Then she bought a bikini and wore it on vacation but wonít wear the dress I bought her because she thinks she looks fat....wat? Just say you donít like the fucking dress.

Then sheís a borderline ecoterrorist about everything EXCEPT spending money on gas to drive and fly herself all over the planet. Then itís ok, but wearing holey shoes and clothes that look old and weathered in a bad way, not hip grunge or whatever is popular now, is ok because the planet is dying.

Everything she feels makes no logical sense and it drives me crazy

Especially her getting upset about being misgendered...she has a masculine haircut and has been wearing more masculine clothes and has stopped wearing make up...what the fuck do expect??? Youíre a b cup wearing baggy shirt And pants so and the waitress with 5 other tables needs to closely examine you and assses your correct gender your so desperately trying to hide.

I want someone more feminine. She looks lEXACTLY like famous opus model/actress Iíve had a crush on since 1995 but does everything to make herself look butcher than Kristen Stewart at her butchest.

I want to be with someone more feminine. Iíve never dated a girly girl (They seem annoying as shit) but Iím tired of Tomboys or women who fashion sense I donít care for. And 1ís fashion is by far the worst.

And Iím tired of her inability to pick up on nuance

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