Why do I hate myself?
posted 2018-09-07 04:55:59

I can tell you now that I don't give a damn about anyone opinion. Only that I write this to vent everything that dwells inside my head. Why on a public journal you might ask? Because I seek answers to life's bigger questions. And that I don't fear the judgement of others.

I live a very solitary life. I chose to do so because I can only stand people for so long before I start to observe their faults as something derived intentional. So I fight to push them away without so much as giving it a second thought. I try to give people the same amount of respect they have shown me. And even try to make peace with those whom would not seek it. There is always a reason for myself to find some form of escapism wether it be art or video games or music, just so long as I can be in my own head. I understand these behaviors are unhealthy. And I'm fully aware there's some self destructive behaviors I hold myself accountable for. But for the life of me I want to be in that bubble. That safe place I've always known where no one can ever hurt me.

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