posted 2021-11-14 22:37:25

So, I need alone time, and you get angry at meÖ I apologize and promise an explanation next time. Donít think I didnít notice you distancing yourself.

Yet youíre allowed to leave me on read after standing me up without the courtesy of letting me know you never planned on showing up? Why are you exempt from the rules you made up yourself? Why are the standards so inconsistent, or is the mistake only bad when Iím the one making it?

Youíre not interested in making this better, are you? Iím sorry, but thatís not how this is going to work. You shouldnít be demanding things of me if youíre not planning on returning the courtesy.

Youíd better have one hell of an explanation, or this is over. Iím sick of the bullshit and drama. Iím sick of giving you the benefit of the doubt, only to find that you never deserved it, in the first place.

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