posted 2018-11-03 02:18:50

Broke up with her.

She abruptly took off yesterday and today from work and went to her moms house to clear her head, 2 hrs away.

She doesnt text or say shit to me until 9:30 saying shes almost home

We talk, things were going well, then she tells me she brought the cunt with her to her moms house. She told me a few of the things she did while out there and neglected to tell me the cunt was there for some time.

I tell her were done and left. Shes called me 40 times. I havent answered. The nights been shit after that too and I want to go home but shes probably still there

Im not going to tell her to end the friendship. The problem is my ex.

Its ok to be depressed but Im not going to accept how she treats me when shes depressed.

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