Awash in the voices in my head
posted 2017-07-28 03:43:39

So its been a while which usually harbors bad things. The three part relationship is a tough road. Alot ofthe time i feel as if i cannot spend with Suzanne with out Somer getting bent out of shape. They get an equal number ofdays with me but when I do something with Suzanne thats anything besides hang out and play skyrim i get flak for it. Case in point: Suzanne is very into impact play and is very submissive. She and I do impact play and then we share the results with Somer who then gets instantly upset because she and I dont play as often as she wants. But if I take the flogger to Somer and not Suzie Somer has no issues with it. Her petty jealousy is starting to put a strain on things.

ALso Somer's Grandmother is pissing me off in new ways. Shes decided to get a pine tree up her ass cause the Jeep leaksa lil oil that "no car that has any leaks is allowed in the driveway". I tell somer that its bullshit that her grandmother gets to control this shit when its somers home. Somer quickly points out that itspart of her grandmothers trust (This was done intentionally by her grandmother to retain control of every aspect of her life). So I tell her thats fine. I can park in the street but any damages will be sent to her grandmother to pay for sense the street is narrow and the neighbor loves to drive his truck around drunk. Instead of trying to find a middle ground or even just tell me to ignore her grandmother I get ripped into because "Its bullshit" and shes "calling me on it". The only bullshit involved is that Somer bends over backwards for a woman whos so controling and cheap that Somers not even allowed to buy a new washer when hers borke because Anna declared she couldnt.

I am honestly close to just saying fuck it and being done. I am so tired of her always having be the victim, never taking responsibility for her issues or actions. Its always someone else's fault and she is always the one that is wronged.If she trips over something, its not her fault, its who or whatever she tripped ons fault. If she says something and upsets a person, its Their fault. She didnt say or do anything wrong.

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