Never good
posted 2021-01-19 03:28:17

How am I always the bad guy?

Everything I say or do I'm always the bitch. How am I suppose to be ok with letting my spouse flirt with others and not say a word? How if I do the same thing I'm the nasty mf that can leave. I am not suppose to stick up for myself or feelings or my spouse. How can they get mad that you made a person block them? How can they tell you that things can only go back to normal if their back friends with said person? Which they were never to begin with. How can they put up a fight for them stronger than what you seen for you? How can they show more affection and emotions towards them then you!?

I use to hear I wasn't going no where but I hear leave more then I ever heard. How can they talk so much bad about you to other people when those people don't know what they have really done?

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