posted 2021-05-31 18:55:35

I wrote a really long post about how CB and I broke up and the after effects, but the internet fucked up when I tried to post it and it all got erased.

So I知 going to sum it up.

CB and I got shit faced drunk and I yelled that I didn稚 love him at all. We broke up. He moved into the second bedroom. We have been amicably living as roommates since.

I started applying for jobs back in Minnesota. I got turned down by a couple, never heard back from a couple more, and then I got hired for a job in the Minneapolis area. It痴 a big pay cut, but I took it. I move from New Mexico to Minneapolis in a month. I知 so tired of having a big move once a year, I hope this is it.

CB applied to a couple jobs near his parents in California, but nothing came of them. I think he値l stay in New Mexico for a while. I feel bad because I知 the reason he moved out there, and now I知 leaving him. But I can稚 think of his happiness when making major life decisions.

I feel like my life is on the right track again. I知 excited to be close to my family. I知 excited to spend weekends at the lake house. I知 excited to have access to good Indian and Vietnamese food again. I知 excited to start dating again. I am hopeful, though very sad to be leaving CB. I do worry that I am a 堵rass is always greener person, but I hope that I finally find my green grass and settle down when I知 back in Minnesota.

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