posted 2018-10-10 23:02:24

Iím starting to wonder whether TH is worth it. Itís not his fault, but he just doesnít have time. Plans keep being canceled and I keep getting disappointed. Itís maybe more pain than itís worth after all. I need to stop dating med students.

Iím stressed out as shit about trying to figure out my fourth year externship. The last step in my lengthy education. I had a first interview for a place in Santa Fe, NM and another further interview next Tuesday. I just donít know what the right choice is, though I donít even know who will want me yet.

Iím feeling very hopeless about the planet. Politics, climate, everything. It seems like everything is spinning out of control in the wrong direction. I am very certain that I will not be having children. I donít know how people can so recklessly reproduce without considering what kind of world theyíre bringing children into.

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