posted 2020-02-13 23:26:01

today after work I didn't just come home and sit down. I played with the dogs, and then I took beano the youngest on a long walk at a nice park. It's sort of a half hike, depending on how you define hike I suppose. There are parts that are concrete and asphalt, then there are dirt trails, and broken jagged walkways down to the American River. I am too shell shocked from my last real experience of letting our german off leash, so instead I hold on to the tip of the seven foot leash and let get as deep into the river as that length will allow. She loves it, jumping full force straight into the flowing water, biting it, hoping it will bite her back and relishing the cold refreshing liquid. Its something to watch her play in water, I always feel like I'm limiting her joy. I would love to let her run free in nature, but I have to be responsible. After our walk we headed back home, I remembered that on a side job I did Sunday there was a lemon tree that I pruned and the Patriarch of the family gave me all their lemons. It's not unusual for the people I work for to have more lemons then they know what to do with. I happily obliged, even though i knew it was likely they would mostly go to waste if I didn't give most of them away. What do people really do with lemons anyway? So i gave some to our new neighbors, and some to our older neighbor Rosemary, I attempted to give some to another neighbor forgetting she had her own lemon tree that put her in the same place as the couple i got mine from, instead she gave me some rum. It's a little strange to get a bottle of rum that has been opened and drank. I don't particularly like rum, or liquor really, I just always feel strange rejecting someones attempt at kindness, or offloading stuff they don't want. After the neighbor exchanges I did some basic chores, and cooked a frozen pizza. Then the future wifey came home and we ate, and watched Sex Education on Netfix. Not many shows make me tear up, but that one seems to have a direct line to what makes my eyes a bit damp. Now I write after checking my finances on my computer. She is preparing for bed, and I will probably do the same.

Adios Hatelife.

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