posted 2018-02-12 17:46:25

What is this hold she has on me? When she is in a good spot and I see her or talk to her all I want to do is joke and laugh with her, hold her and love her. I'm in a new relationship now and she is incredible. I'll have to think up a killer nickname for her, for now I'll refer to her as Thursday. She's the most considerate girlfriend I've ever had, possibly the most considerate person I know. I love the way her mind works, and that she's always trying to be better and to explore the world and find new experiences. She has a career, she's educated, she doesn't drink, she's into keto, she's supportive, super out going and friendly.. she has her own practice for keeping her mental game tight, and she loves me for me.

There is something left undone with my ex.. it's been awhile since I've been here and I don't even remember the nickname I gave her.. she's been through a lot since we broke up and so have I, I don't want to be with her.. maybe I just forget the bad with her too easily? Maybe I'm just missing the good times we had. There was more to us then her just being hit. Minds are weird, especially perhaps my own. Or maybe it's completely normal, but when things were bad it was hard to understand why I was with her, and now I can't help but miss her.

Anyway.. there feels like so much to say, but I'm not typing it all out now. Back to life, felt good to get some of that out.

Adios hate life.

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