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Now is as good a time as any to try and update you on what happened with starlight, bunny, and me. I forget where i left off before, so if i repest myself, consider it recap. Star is a early twenties, short girl, with really long hair, bunny and her found each other on tinder back in January as they were both curious about the potential of having a girlfriend. Bunny mostly wanted us all to do stuff together, but seemed to be interested as well in having a girlfriend on the side, i gave the ok, whichever direction this went i would support, even if that meant no action for me. They met up once then star got into a relationship shortly after with another guy, three months go by, it seems unlikely that we are ever going to pursue anything with her, i make my peace with that and only occasionally fantasize about the possibility. I think now is a good time to mention that two gorgeous women in bed with me, as cliche as it is, has always been my dream. Further beyond that, in the pipe dream section, you find me having two real full on partners that ik completely in love with, the cherry on top ia if they like each other and we can have a real poly relationship. So after the boyfriend break, he decides hes no longer in love with her and sends her packin, so she contacts bunny and they start talking again and hanging out. Eventually we all went on a thai food and movie (atomic blonde) date, they both went to her house afterwards and i went home. My hope was that they would continue getting close so it wouldn't be so bad if we all got together sometime, the following weekend i start texting with her and it goes great, we connect pretty well, we have a lot in common, amd shes excited and im excited cause she is coming over thst night to watch a movie with me and bunny. Me and bunny during this time are trying our hardest to be open and honest and set proper boundaries, and get an idea of how things are gonna go and how we want them to go, but bunny mentions she thinks star wants to stay the night and 'play'. So now im a bit wired, nervous excitement takes over a large part of my brain, and my dick is running the rest. She comes over and we all chill and talk and try and watch star wars, bunny has bwen drinking anf isnt focusing on the movie at all, but we didnt mind much. I get up to hit the bathroom and come back to them making out... before that i had been making gentle contact with her leg amd hair and neck with my hand. Bunny was doing the same thing on the other side of her. I'm trying to chill amd go with the flow, but my dom side comes out and when im nervous with excitement and i have to just take control and jump in. So bunny hits the bathroom after me and i see a chance and kiss star. Apparently this was the start of boundaries being broken. Bunny wanted to guide things, and be involved every step, but i wasnt thinking straight at the time. She comes back and is too nervous to bring up her feelings about the kissing so she just jumps in and starts kissing snd rubbing on her. We both alternate kissing and rubbing and grabbing while she is really enjoying it all, at that point bunny days "lets take this to the bed" and im thinking... holy fuckin hell, literally my wildest dreams coming true. So furdt thing we all strip down real quick and hop in bed, i start by showing bunny she is queen and go down on her first thing, then after she cums while star is playing with her at the same time, i move over to star and spread her legs and start licking her, bunny is playing with her breasts and kissing her and telling her to cum, which she does. We play around like this going back and forth playing with each other for about an hour. My favorite part was fingering them both while they make out and both cum simultaneously. Or when i did it again later, or when i told star to sit on my face while bunny finished me off. Bunny even told me to cum on star. Literally, the whole thing couldnt have beem a better first experience, and i didnt have to do anything shady, lile be a drug dealer, or find drunk women... just my beautiful amazing girlfriend and what i still hope to be my second girl friend, but i digress. So after we go outside so they could smoke amd we chat a bit then we all head to bed. Bunny and me stay up and chat and she gets a bit emotional, expresses a bit of concern about me making out with star while she wasn't in the room. I apologize profusely, explain that i was just nervous and being guided by my penis. We fuck for maybe an hour off and on, talking, expressing out feelings about star and the situation, and life, and the fwar and excitement. I tell her how overwhelmed i am with gratitude and hpe shocked i am at her strength, a strength that im not certain ill ever posses, but hope to test it out in the future (her being with another man if that wasnt clear) i tell her how much i love her repeatedly, and how we are soul mates and are meant for each other. Hoe she kisses way better then star, etc. I needed to boost her ego back up cause i felt the conflict in her. So fast forward a couple days to monday, star and me are texting off and on daily, and monday morning she is horny and we stsrt sexting. She basically initiated it, but i went head first along with it. After i got home i started thinking, i want to be completely open and honest and i wasnt sure that the sexting was ok.. so i ask her, and i feel her hesitation, she asks to read our conversation, i say of course you can read whatever you want. On the way to the train station (shes in new york for a week) she reads through the text and is clearly not feeling great about it, and everything spills out, how she didnt feel her boundaries werw respected and she felt uncomfortable bringing it up in the moment, and how she couldnt believe star would do that with her boyfriend, etc. How she doesnt want us having our own seperate relationship, at least not yet. I do all i can to calm her and to give her reassurance, i agree that i messed up and explain my side of things, and apologize and we seem to be doing ok. Then she is on the train and im texting her and star, me and star are sharing old poetry and stuff, and bunny asks if star is talking to me, i tell her she is, and unny says she texted her with no response. So eventually i decide this is all gonna need to be addressed sooner rather than later, i text star that bunny is feeling s bit insecure and that i crossed some boundaries by sexting her earlier, and that we should pay extra attention to bunny while she is out of town so she doesnt feel jealous or worried or left out. Then i tell bunny this and she. Gets upset, then i get upset cause i felt like i eas trying really hard to fix shit and it was judt causing problems, plus i had a really bad day. (I forgot to mention i wemt and bought her a brand new iphone and put her on my plan, to show my gratitude, love, and care for her, i also had plans to get a bed for her and maybe even a car while she was in new york as a surprise) i eas overwhelmed with being ao grateful for the way life was going, and i eas evem more intensely in love with bunny. Being with both of them just made me want her more, and star as well. So to try and sum things up, eventually anxiety and hurt got the best of bunny, and since she is on the other side of the country, she couldnt hold me or see me and let me comfort her and asked us both not to talk until she makes it back into town, which we both agreed to. Soooo thays the basics with a little extra.. and now I'm not sure where this will all go. I know i miss them both, and i know i want to rrally explore multiple girlfriends for the long term. But i jumped the gun and got too excited and may have blown this opportunity. Any advice hatelife?

The day after bunny gets back we are all going star gazing in the back of my truck hoping to see some good meteors from persieds. My plan is to setup a bed in the back of my truck, cozy amd warm, bring some good snack foods, and just try to be chill. Don't show star too much attention, give bunny lots of love... hopefully being back around us will help her move forward. Idk.

Adios hatelife.

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