posted 2021-04-03 02:25:39

so there's this woman who I keep handing semen to at Walmart- did it twice this week, and I just drunk texted her asking if she does any art art anything.

This is a weird entitlement thing on my part. Over the last year and some change of sperm donating, I've gotten an air fryer, two watches one very black leather strappy BDSM kind of one) some silicone based lube (the good stuff, don't try anal with any other), about 130$ in cash, and about 3 dozen free range chicken eggs. I also got a painting of A and I as a couple that is ... well it looks like us, but is kind of flat. I have feelings about portraiture, and the eyes aren't bad, solid on the hair, but that woman can't do background or clothing to save her life.

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