posted 2018-09-14 09:37:01

My mom has some sort of GI thing that has put her overnight in the hospital twice in the last ten days. Creepy.

I also got a lot of time off school due to the hurricane, which isn't happening here, so I'm just bouncing around in the gloaming- hurricane weather is dull, heavy, grey when it isn't raining.

I'm I bad mix of boredom and anxiety. Had two bad infusion sets yesterday and the day before, my blood sugar was over 200 for like 36 hours, over 300 for a lot of it, I had ketones for the first time in god knows how long. Didn't puke, but it was close a couple times. The clinical study I'm in, their protocol says not to manually inject without explicit permission, so I didn't, which was kind of dumb. Was on the phone with them a lot.

I don't like their infusion sets.

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