You Ain't No Thang No More
posted 2018-08-24 08:31:12

You think you're better than me?
Well honey,
Let's just see
Because it'll be me
Coming out on top
Making you stop
Standing there with your jaw dropped
You think you can win this?
Nah, you're gonna miss
I'll blow you a kiss
I hope that's a trigger
Cause I'll be standing there giving you the finger!
It'll only make my already huge ego bigger!
Nothing you say will change how this goes
No matter what your guilt shows!
Your heart is darker than the blackest crows
And it's sad, because no one else really knows...
You're fucked
You had the perfect thing
And you chucked
It like a useless summer fling!
And now you expect me to
Accept your amends and forgive you?
After all you put me through?
And now you want me to do
Why don't you
Lick my ass
I'm done with ALL of you

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