posted 2020-05-21 13:03:23

1ís depression has gotten a lot better. I feel Iíve rubbed off on her a bit.

Iím also less agro about people Getting to close to me. Policing people is an exercise in futility that we most likely end with me in jail.

So I shun people like an Amish kid who knocked up the head Amish guyís wife and daughter during Rumspringa!

I turn my back to people Who get to close to me and ignore anyone not wearing a mask. Donít care if you smile, wave or talk to me. Youíre dead to me. You donít exist. Fuck off!

Iím polite and friendly to all essential workers, but I stay away from clerks that will talk your ear off.

The company I work for has decided that there will be 3 phases when our state says itís ok to go back in 10% (people who want to go back) 30% and then 60% and the people going back only go in 3 days and work from home 2 days. Iím heavily lobbying for being in the 40% that never returns. Hopefully my shitty attitude at work vs my super cheery attitude working from home helps the make the right choice.

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