posted 2021-07-20 16:02:39

Iím going to start working at a hospital this week; my lack of healthcare experience made me feel like a dummy during clinicals / school and I want to actually get some hands on experience. Last week was spent in Corporate hell- 40 hours worth of policies and PowerPoints about how amazing corporate is and how much corporate loves their employees- hmm. Yeah, right.

Seems Iím working for a massive company, but the hospital Iím at is relatively small- a real tiny community feeling- which is comfortable to me. I havenít worked since Ď18, and really those three I worked at Starbucks barely count as I would barely work 2 shifts a week.

This aide job is a bit of a joke, at least in salary. Itíll cost me way more to pay for a sitter / nanny if G is working than Iíll earn. Also seems like the floor isnít super flexible with scheduling. Iím spoiled because I essentially set up my own schedule at the airline and at Starbucks, so this seems like it might be a problem. I also spent a lot of the past two semesters studying and Iím not sure if Iíll be as studious if Iím working 2 12 hour shifts every week. Idk. Bedside might not be for me anyway.

I do need to get out of the house and start branching out. I miss earning my own money and having co-workers and something to identify myself with beyond ďmomĒ.

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